Real Estate Comps

How Are Real Estate Comps Determined?

The price of a home is determined by looking at several key features including the time of year, property location, market trends, and most importantly, the real estate comps. Real Estate comps are a bunch of properties that share comparative attributes, making them ideal for value comparison. Typically, comps also come from the same recent … Continued

Senior Living

Senior Living: There’s No Place Like Home

Home 🏡 there’s a word that summons up the past no matter what. So, when it comes to moving home, it is always going to be fraught with emotions, some of which may not be easy to deal with. And when they move involves an elderly parent, then it all just gets ten times harder. … Continued

Real Estate Agents

12 Things Real Estate Agents Do for Clients

Real estate agents can be significant when you are attempting to sell a home. Each agent is different, which means each may take a slightly different approach to the home selling process. There are reasons that 87 percent of home sellers use a real estate agent when they want to sell house fast in Virginia … Continued

Find a Buyer for Your House

Different Ways to Find a Buyer for Your House

So, you have made the decision to sell your home. Now the question is, “how am I going to find a home buyer? What is going to make my home sell fast?” One thing you as a seller have to consider is that every buyer has specific needs, wants, and tastes. You have to market … Continued

Sell My House

Can I Sell My House If I Still Owe Money On It?

Can I sell my house if I owe money on it? We often hear from homeowners who owe money on their mortgages or property taxes. We also hear from homeowners with a lien on their home, often through no fault of their own. This is a very stressful situation, especially if other circumstances require the … Continued

Sell An Empty House In Virginia Beach

6 Tips On How to Sell An Empty House In Virginia Beach Fast!

If you own an unoccupied property, you’re probably wondering how to sell an empty house in Virginia Beach. There are many dangers that come along with owning a vacant house, but luckily for you, we have created… The Quick 6 Step Guide to Make the Most of Your Vacant House! Selling a vacant house fast … Continued

House for a Quick Sale!

3 Tips to Price Your House for a Quick Sale!

Some agents suggest you only get one chance to make a good first impression… To potential buyers! And this first impression is largely based on ensuring the price of your property is effective to ensure a quick sale. However, many private sellers tend to over-inflate the value of their house. The result is the property … Continued